Progressive Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing or muscle monitoring to identify imbalances in the body. It also recognises that there are flows of energy (Meridian) within the body that relate not only to the muscles but to every tissue and organ that make the body a living, feeling being. These energy flows can be evaluated by testing the function of the muscles, which in turn reflect the body’s overall state of structural, chemical, or emotional balance. In this way Kinesiology taps into energies that the more conventional modalities overlook. The aim is to use corrections and implement changes that allow the body to heal itself.

Kinesiology does not treat or diagnose named diseases. It is concerned with imbalances in the body’s energy. In this respect it has close links with the acupuncture concept of energy flow. Where, as the result of injury, emotional trauma, nutritional or other unresolved stress, the energy flow is interrupted and the whole body is affected. The exact nature of blockage in the energy flow can be more closely identified by ‘muscle testing’.

Kinesiology is often called ‘muscle balancing’ or ‘energy balancing’ – helping the body into a better position to heal itself or reach a specified goal by ‘balancing’ its energies, and is not limited to dealing with ailments. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice – in sport, relationships, learning or coping with life generally.

Developed in the UK by Miranda Welton and Elizabeth Hughes, Progressive Kinesiology
represents a complete approach to health care. It covers structural, chemical, nutritional, emotional, energetic and spiritual ailments. The development of Progressive Kinesiology is based on the combination of specific aspects found in different branches of Kinesiology. It uses finger mode and gentle pressure application on certain limbs to activate certain muscles. By identifying a weakness in the corresponding meridian, the practitioner uses a range of correction techniques to help balance or strengthen the weakness.

Progressive Kinesiology treats patients with flower essences, nutritional and herbal supplements, counselling skills, structural massage, acupressure techniques, colour therapy and much more.

Progressive Kinesiology

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