'I help people with Auto-Immune Disease get their Life back’

connie page medical herbalist
Connie Page Medical Herbalist, Kinesiologist

Welcome to the healing world of Natural Medicine

I do believe that health is our number one asset in life. Invest in it wisely, and reap the benefits for many years to come.

I often think of how much time, effort and money we spend on our cars to have them run smoothly. We make sure that they’re serviced on a regular basis, with the hope that they stay on the road for as long as possible without breaking down.

I see the body as the carrier of our soul, and it is our responsibility to look after it. Nurture it, and service it on a regular basis with the aim of enjoying a healthy life without ‘breaking down’ too often. Enjoy your exciting journey towards health and happiness, and allow me to be your guide.

Best Wishes




You are a lifesaver! I have started excercising and I am feeling sooo much better. I feel like a new person. Thank you for the herbs and your kindness.

– Nicole H., Noosa Heads