Equine Kinesiology

60min $180 (1—2 horses)

Are you worried about your horse’s well-being? Are you confused what could be the underlying cause? Could it be the diet or a deficiency? Does your horse carry past trauma that is affecting its behaviour? Could there be something in the environment that upsets your horse? Could it be a structural weakness that causes discomfort? Could your horse be lacking certain nutrients or react to something that’s in the feed? There are so many questions and often only a few answers, or just good guess work. The good news is that Equine Kinesiology helps you get the answers.

Equine Kinesiology uses muscle testing, also known as Touch for Health, to give your horse a voice.

Equine Kinesiology is a holistic treatment that incorporates muscle testing to assess the well-being of your horse. Kinesiology, also known as Touch for Health or Muscle Testing, helps to identify underlying imbalances or stressors that affect your horse’s general health and well-being. Based on the results, we treat the identified areas by creating a tailor-made treatment plan.

Areas that are covered in the session include —

  • Identifying and replenishing nutritional deficiencies
  • Identifying environmental and food sensitivities
  • Supporting structural weakness, e.g., digestive, and nervous system support
  • Clearing past mental and emotional trauma etc.

It’s important to note that Equine Kinesiology is a Complementary Therapy, which does not replace a diagnosis or medical treatment by your Vet.

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Equine Kinesiology