Equine Kinesiology

60min $150 (approx. 2-3 horses)

Are you worried about your horse’s well-being? Are you confused what could be the underlying cause? Could it be the diet or a deficiency? Does your horse carry past trauma that is affecting its behaviour? Could there be something in the environment that upsets your horse? Could it be a structural weakness that causes discomfort? As you know, there are so many questions and often only a few answers, or just good guess work. The good news is that Equine Kinesiology helps you get the answers.

Equine Kinesiology uses muscle testing, also known as Touch for Health, to give your horse a voice.

And yes it sounds crazy, but believe me, it works. I have been practising on many horses in the last year to make sure the work I do on humans can also be applied to horses. And yes, the outcome has been mind blowing and at times incredibly moving, when you hear what your horse has to say.

I have always loved horses and remember the sound of horses walking into our cobblestone courtyard in Germany where my Granddad was the local Ferrier and Blacksmith. Having been practising as a Herbalist for over 20 years and as a Kinesiologist for over 10 years, I playfully suggested to try Kinesiology on my friend’s horse to see if it works. Even I was blown away how accurate the messages were. That was the beginning of my exploration to develop Equine Kinesiology. It is such a humbling experience to connect with horses on their Soul level, and a great privilege to give them a voice.

Equine Kinesiology