The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.



Initial consultation with Connie Page

Initial Consult

Adult 90 min $150
Child 60 min $110

During the first consultation, I assess the patient by taking a detailed medical history, including emotional state, lifestyle, diet, and any other underlying causes. If appropriate, you may also be advised to see a doctor or other qualified practitioner.

Simple investigations such as blood pressure readings, checking Zinc levels, urine analysis or physical examination are performed if necessary. Further tests may be advised via your GP or independent laboratory.

Muscle testing (Kinesiology) is used to help identify the underlying root cause of a health problem, e.g. nutritional deficiency, food sensitivity, structural, emotional, etc.

At the end of the consultation, each patient will receive a tailor made treatment plan with detailed information on prescribed remedies, dose, costs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. People are encouraged to use this document to inform their doctors and other health care professional about their treatment.

Follow-Up Consult

Adult 60 min $110
Child 30 min $70

During the follow-up session, I review any progress made, take note of challenges faced during the course of a treatment, making adjustments if necessary and fine-tune the treatment plan.

The aim of each treatment is to simplify the management plan, reduce dosage and amount of remedies prescribed, as the patient’s health improves and both parties are happy with the treatment outcome.

Short Check Up

Adult 30min $70

Short sessions are only available to regular patients. These are great if you are dealing with an acute crisis, want to double check on remedies/dosage or get clarity on a specific issue.

Video Session

Consult 75min $150

Gift vouchers

Vouchers are available on request for specific treatments, e.g. Initial Consult or for a certain money value.